Working in technology has given me a passion for helping other women excel.

I never knew how far my journey would take me or how many wonderful people I would meet who inspire me. As a woman working in SharePoint it has never been more apparent to me that we must support and encourage other women to join our field in order to decrease the gender gap

Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible!

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Cathy Dew

2007 – While attending SharePoint Conference 2007 several founding members began to discuss the need for even more women to become involved in SharePoint. This led to the concept of Women in SharePoint being put together.
Spring 2008 – The founding board members (Becky Isserman and Cathy Dew) began to organize the first Women in SharePoint meeting.

2009 – The Women in SharePoint luncheon became a standing event at BZ Media's SPTechCon events, running at each conference. And becoming the pattern used by BZ Media for other Women's events at their other conferences.

2010 – Women in SharePoint DC became the first regional group to meet and host regular events.

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Lori Gowin

The Women in SharePoint group was founded with the message of outreach and community in mind. We hope to provide a strong base of women in the SharePoint community to not only support each other in our professional careers but also to encourage continued growth of girls and women pursuing careers in SharePoint and Information Technology. 

In the SharePoint community the women are happy to have the support of the males in the community. So many of the men have been supported by powerful women in technology and we are honored to have them help spread the message of Women in SharePoint. 

The Women in SharePoint group is proud to serve as a community partner for the conferences, user groups and other events. As a community partner we are thrilled to provide great opportunities to have some fellowship amongst the Women in SharePoint group in attendance at the conference. 

Liz Sundet

Support & empower women across SharePoint