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Do you want to start a group in your area? Its an easy process, but definitely requires a bit of planning prior to formation. For more information email us at:

A Women in SharePoint group is not intended to be a ladies only SharePoint User Group. These groups are created to provide support and fellowship for ladies in the community. Women still face unique challenges in the IT world. This group is set up to help foster and develop ladies who work with SharePoint or who have interest in working with SharePoint. 

Women in SharePoint is not intended to be a user group replacement or a traditional user group. The types of meetings and events that should be offered should be non-technical in nature. Look towards creating events that will allow social interactions and camaraderie. 

Here are just a few sample events: 

  • Happy Hours 
  • Luncheons 
  • Meetings with Speakers about Professional Development/or Special Topics 
  • Roundtables 
  • Presentations/Volunteer Opportunities at local High Schools or Colleges 
  • Any Event that you think will allow ladies to get together and foster support for each other

Events can be any type of event that your group would like to hold.

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